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Roads and Utilities

Fibre is Coming (later still)

Posted on 18th August 2020, by Editor . No Comments

Having seen an update on one.network, we contacted Ben Stone who writes: “Our contractor, Complete Utilities, has confirmed the road closure is now booked for 9th November-18th December and this will enable us to complete the works to allow access to our ultrafast broadband network.  I am sorry that we have had to shift the […]

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Fibre is Coming (Eventually)

Posted on 27th July 2020, by Editor . 1 Comment

We have been informed (after much pressing) by Ben Stone, Community Engagement Manager (West), 07970 960821 ben.stone@gigaclear.com, that the project has been delayed and that the road closure has been booked for w/c 7 September.  Complete Utilities will, apparently, do a letter-drop ahead of this.

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Septic Tank Emptying

Posted on 23rd July 2020, by Editor . 3 comments

Normally CSG would charge us £169 (vat zero rated) to empty our septic tank.  Having arranged for one other to be done at the same time CSG has dropped the price to £145 each.  I have asked if they would give further discounts if more households asked to be ‘done’ at the same time, though […]

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Fibre POT Locations

Posted on 27th June 2020, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre POT Locations

We have managed to obtain a screenshot of the POT (Point of Termination) locations through the village.  As you would expect most of the locations are in the road/kerbside outside people’s houses.  Ben Stone of Gigaclear has explained that they are unable to do a consultation type process in terms of POT locations although there […]

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Fibre is Coming UPDATE

Posted on 5th June 2020, by Editor . 4 comments

Note the project dates have been amended. Ben Stone, Community Engagement Manager (Fastershire), of Gigaclear writes today: The work will not be starting on 8th June. I previously updated you that we were looking at 20/7 – this has however moved forward and the closure is now in for 6th July. I understand the closure […]

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Fibre is Coming

Posted on 2nd June 2020, by Editor . 1 Comment

one.network have published a revised work programme bringing forward by six weeks the installation, even the completion, of the fibre network in Tresham. Gigaclear start work again next Monday, 8 June for six weeks to 17 July from No.8, The Furlongs to the A46, though most of the work will surely be to the box […]

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Roadworks in and Around Tresham

Posted on 9th April 2020, by Editor . Comments Off on Roadworks in and Around Tresham

We have received this notice from Stroud DC of roadworks from Alderley to Hillesley. But a good way to keep informed of all the roadworks in this area is to sign up with and receive notifications from https://one.network/ They issue a weekly notice and their map shows the roadworks graphically.  If you widen the search […]

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Broadband Speed

Posted on 4th April 2020, by Editor . 10 comments

Robert Whitfield at Coombe Head writes: We use BT Broadband. At the moment the experience is lousy. Not certain whether the problem is primarily BT Broadband in Tresham or a problem more specifically to do with WIFI in our house. As we are going to be more dependent on Broadband than ever for the next […]

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Fibre Optic Network 5

Posted on 2nd March 2020, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre Optic Network 5

No doubt by now you will have seen that work has started laying the fibre optic cable.  This phase involves laying a cable from a ‘cabinet’ opposite the water tank up to the A46. It is expected to take up to two weeks, from approximately 09:30 until 18:00 each weekday and there can be delays […]

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Fibre Optic Network 4

Posted on 3rd October 2019, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre Optic Network 4

Ben Stone, our new Gigaclear Community Engagement Manager (Fastershire), has advised that Gigaclear anticipate their contractors will begin work in October.  ‘Dig’ letters will be received by residents soon.  The letters don’t include specific details on when the build will start etc., but do say Gigaclear are coming soon and explain where to direct queries […]

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