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Roads and Utilities

Fibre Update 3

Posted on 25th January 2021, by Editor . No Comments

Further to my note on the Voneus WhatsApp group, I am pressing Ben Stone for answers to the following questions: So far as I can ascertain a 3m section of road was dug up outside Twin Cottage on Saturday, 16 Jan.  Are all the remedial works complete? Are all the POTs now Ready for Service? […]

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Fibre Update 2

Posted on 6th January 2021, by Editor . 7 comments

People were wondering why the road closure notice has been extended. Ben Stone tells me: “that Gigaclear need to fix some blocked ducts which prevent connection POTs (the black box on the road outside your house) being declared ready for service (RFS) by the contractor.  Before this happens, they have to run duct testing and […]

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Road to be Completely Closed

Posted on 2nd December 2020, by Editor . 3 comments

By tonight Complete Utilities expect to have completed roadworks up to the phone box.  This gives the milk lorry access to the farm which means the road beyond can be closed day and night as Complete Utilities work their way to the eastern end of the village. With effect from 07:30 tomorrow (Thursday) the road […]

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Posted on 26th November 2020, by Editor . 3 comments

I have been asked to emphasize that when the road is closed and access is barred this means it is closed to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.  We must respect this or work will stop due to the risk to the public. In the main, the road will only be completely barred where it is very […]

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Fibre – Update

Posted on 20th November 2020, by Editor . No Comments

Ben Stone writes: When the connection POT is ready for service, you will be able to place an order, and we will agree the route that the install will take. The network is an open access network and whilst I hope you choose Gigaclear as your ISP, you may also wish to take a service […]

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Fibre is Coming NOW!

Posted on 18th November 2020, by Editor . 2 comments

Ben Stone, Community Engagement Manager (West), Gigaclear writes: UPDATE ON ULTRAFAST BROADBAND ROLL OUT IN TRESHAM I am writing to update you that Gigaclear will soon be carrying out works to lay fibre cables into the ground to bring ultrafast broadband to Tresham as part of the Fastershire roll out in Gloucestershire. The work will […]

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Fibre is Coming (later still)

Posted on 18th August 2020, by Editor . 1 Comment

Having seen an update on one.network, we contacted Ben Stone who writes: “Our contractor, Complete Utilities, has confirmed the road closure is now booked for 9th November-18th December and this will enable us to complete the works to allow access to our ultrafast broadband network.  I am sorry that we have had to shift the […]

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Fibre is Coming (Eventually)

Posted on 27th July 2020, by Editor . 1 Comment

We have been informed (after much pressing) by Ben Stone, Community Engagement Manager (West), 07970 960821 ben.stone@gigaclear.com, that the project has been delayed and that the road closure has been booked for w/c 7 September.  Complete Utilities will, apparently, do a letter-drop ahead of this.

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Septic Tank Emptying

Posted on 23rd July 2020, by Editor . 3 comments

Normally CSG would charge us £169 (vat zero rated) to empty our septic tank.  Having arranged for one other to be done at the same time CSG has dropped the price to £145 each.  I have asked if they would give further discounts if more households asked to be ‘done’ at the same time, though […]

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Fibre POT Locations

Posted on 27th June 2020, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre POT Locations

We have managed to obtain a screenshot of the POT (Point of Termination) locations through the village.  As you would expect most of the locations are in the road/kerbside outside people’s houses.  Ben Stone of Gigaclear has explained that they are unable to do a consultation type process in terms of POT locations although there […]

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