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Roads and Utilities

Fibre Update 10

Posted on 26th July 2021, by Editor . 1 Comment

Several of us have been pressing Ben Stone to find out why the eastern end of the village has not been offered a service by Gigaclear.  All households west of […]

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Fibre Update 9

Posted on 16th June 2021, by Editor . 4 comments

Ben Stone advised at the end of last week that the forecast is Gigaclear should be ready for service (RFS) by end of this week. “As soon as [your network] […]

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Fibre Update 8

Posted on 13th May 2021, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre Update 8

Ben Stone advises that there is a missing fibre section on the A46 linking back to the main cabinet, also on the A46. This should be rectified with the traffic […]

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Fibre Update 7

Posted on 9th April 2021, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre Update 7

Work on the A46 has been completed successfully and it is just fibre splicing and testing left to do before the system will be ready for service, hopefully by the […]

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Fibre Update 6

Posted on 8th March 2021, by Editor . 4 comments

The work on the A46 by Gigaclear is now programmed for 22 Mar to 2 Apr.  Hopefully, they will finish before the end of that period and the system can […]

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Fibre Update 5

Posted on 1st March 2021, by Editor . 2 comments

Ben Stone advises that Gigaclear is waiting for the necessary traffic management to be approved for work on the A46, hopefully for next week.

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Fibre Update 4

Posted on 2nd February 2021, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre Update 4

Ben Stone has answered the questions I put to him under Fibre Update 3 as follows: This section should now be completed, please could you confirm that is the case […]

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Fibre Update 3

Posted on 25th January 2021, by Editor . 4 comments

Further to my note on the Voneus WhatsApp group, I am pressing Ben Stone for answers to the following questions: So far as I can ascertain a 3m section of […]

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Fibre Update 2

Posted on 6th January 2021, by Editor . 7 comments

People were wondering why the road closure notice has been extended. Ben Stone tells me: “that Gigaclear need to fix some blocked ducts which prevent connection POTs (the black box […]

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Road to be Completely Closed

Posted on 2nd December 2020, by Editor . 3 comments

By tonight Complete Utilities expect to have completed roadworks up to the phone box.  This gives the milk lorry access to the farm which means the road beyond can be […]

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