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Cleaning up the Neighbourhood

Posted on 20th February 2018, by Editor . 3 comments

I expect we all think, as we walk or drive out of the village: “I must pick up some of this rubbish sometime” – and somehow we don’t get round to it. Well, Sue and Charlotte Macey have!  Thanks from all of us and perhaps we can finish the job with a Spring Clean of […]

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Seniors’ Lunch, 7 Feb 2017

Posted on 12th February 2018, by Editor . 1 Comment

17 ‘senior’ villagers enjoyed an excellent lunch at the Old Royal Ship, Luckington, organised by Alma Larrieu under the auspices of Tresham Village Hall. Because we have limited funds, this time we asked for donations in a manner which attracts Gift Aid.  It is a bit of a risk because the donation is voluntary but thanks to […]

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Fibre Broadband

Posted on 26th November 2017, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre Broadband

Richard Graham has spotted this latest update from Fastershire confirming that work is planned to start in June 2018.  If you click on the update link it will take you to their website where you can enter your postcode and house details to read about progress.  You can also fill out a form to be kept in […]

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Ecclesiastical Offer £130!

Posted on 13th November 2017, by Editor . 1 Comment

To celebrate its 130th anniversary, Ecclesiastical (the insurer for the church) is offering to donate £130 to Tresham Church for every new home insurance policy taken out with them. In case you are considering switching home insurers you might like to be aware of this, so here are the details. The offer is open until December 2018 […]

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Church Ceiling Appeal

Posted on 11th November 2017, by Editor . Comments Off on Church Ceiling Appeal

(so it is easily referred to this is a copy of the E-note circulated on 10 Nov.) Tresham Church Appeal for Funds towards Chancel Ceiling Repairs In January 2017, a significant amount of plaster fell suddenly from the chancel ceiling (the chancel is the smaller part of the church, at the altar end), exposing a hole […]

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Bonfire Night

Posted on 6th November 2017, by Editor . Comments Off on Bonfire Night

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to making last night such a success: building the bonfire, providing food and drink, cooking the food, donating £510 for the fireworks, lighting them and, most of all, to Simon Ellis for organising the whole event. Here are a few photos to remind us of the evening:

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Churchyard Tidy-up

Posted on 6th November 2017, by Editor . Comments Off on Churchyard Tidy-up

Just over a week ago, on Matthew Kingston’s initiative, a group of us tackled the churchyard.  We just needed that push; let’s hope we can keep on top of it, especially as Richard Kingston kindly mows the churchyard during the summer.  The work can best be described in a few photos:

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Fireworks Donations

Posted on 31st October 2017, by Editor . Comments Off on Fireworks Donations

Help make this a cracker of a show and donate by the end of Friday, either in cash to Simon Ellis at the Old Post Office or on-line to Tresham Village Hall here – remember, we can claim Gift Aid because you are not receiving benefit from the donation because it is not a condition of entry. […]

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Tresham Bonfire & Fireworks 2017

Posted on 18th October 2017, by Editor . Comments Off on Tresham Bonfire & Fireworks 2017

Please see Events for details.

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Tresham Village Hall Accounts y/e 31 Mar 2017

Posted on 26th June 2017, by Editor . Comments Off on Tresham Village Hall Accounts y/e 31 Mar 2017

Please click to see the accounts for the year ended 31 Mar 2017.

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