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Basic Life Support & the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Step 1 – On finding a collapsed person…

  • SAFE approach
  • STIMULATE person
  • SHOUT for help

Step 2 – Look for signs of life…


  1. Turn person on their back
  2. Lift chin
  3. Tilt head back
  4. Open airway


  1. Cheek to mouth
  2. Look, listen, feel for breathing

Step 3 – If unresponsive and not breathing…

  1. Dial 999 and ask for ambulance
  2. Send someone to bring AED from the phone box
  3. START chest compressions (CPR)
  • Ideally stay with person and ask helper to call
  • Stay on phone for instructions
  • Use speaker on phone so you can continue CPR

Step 4 – Starting chest compressions (CPR)


  1. Place the heel of your hand in centre of chest with other hand on top
  2. Compress chest to depth of 5-6cm. Keep arms locked straight
  3. Compress at rate 100-120 per min (2 per second)
  4. Minimise pauses in compressions

Step 5 – How to get the AED from Tresham Phone Box

Step 6 Using the AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

  1. Switch on
  2. Attach to bare chest
  3. Continue CPR
  4. Follow voice command

If shock advised:

  1. Make sure no one touching person
  2. Press shock button when prompted
  3. Continue CPR

Step 7 – Continue CPR until…

…the person wakes, a healthcare professional tells you to stop


you become exhausted

If person starts breathing normally, put them into recovery position and prepare to restart if necessary

Now you can save a life…

  • Early recognition and calling help is crucial
  • Effective Compressions can double or quadruple survival
  • Early defibrillation within 3-5min can produce 50-70% survival
  • Each minute delay in defibrillation reduces survival by 10%

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Demonstrations by:

Emily Murdoch
Evie Murdoch
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