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Fibre Update 10

Posted on July 26th, by Editor in Roads and Utilities. 1 Comment

Several of us have been pressing Ben Stone to find out why the eastern end of the village has not been offered a service by Gigaclear.  All households west of the common should have been told that the system is ready for service and offered a service – so the following does not apply to you.

Bob Suter writes:
“An update for all the villagers who have not yet been able to order a Gigaclear Service…
I have just spoken with Ben Stone from Gigaclear. He has found out that the reason why some of us have not been able to order is just an admin error.
When the contractors finish, Gigaclear have to “claim” the pots and then they become live on the ordering system. Someone forgot to claim all the pots in Tresham.
This is being done now and so he hopes everyone should be able to order from about Wednesday!!!!
But – he did say the the Project Manager told him that there are 3 houses in Tresham where technical problems have been detected with the pots and so those houses will have to wait until those issues have been fixed.
He finding out for me which the three houses are and so soon as I get that info I will share it here.”

Ben has also told me that the Project Manager anticipates this will be sorted this week and that he will chase again on Wednesday.

One thought on “Fibre Update 10

  1. Just to let you know, No pot has yet been installed for 8 Furlongs as they apparently ran into problems of some sort while digging the trench to the property?.