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Fibre Update 3

Posted on January 25th, by Editor in Roads and Utilities. 4 comments

Further to my note on the Voneus WhatsApp group, I am pressing Ben Stone for answers to the following questions:

  1. So far as I can ascertain a 3m section of road was dug up outside Twin Cottage on Saturday, 16 Jan.  Are all the remedial works complete?
  2. Are all the POTs now Ready for Service?
  3. When will residents receive their letter/email inviting them to apply for a service?
  4. How long does it then take Avonline to contact a resident and connect the property to the Cabinet?
  5. After connection how long is it before the service is active?
  6. How easy is it to change the ‘service speed’ up or down?
  7. As I have said before, although many of us have signed up for communications from Gigaclear we never seem to receive anything by email.  I have to say that people have not been impressed.  Will communications improve?
  8. Please will you also confirm the make and model of router you supply?

I had a text from Ben last Thursday saying he was trying to get answers.

By all means post a Comment with further questions or views and I will put these in front of Ben.

4 thoughts on “Fibre Update 3

  1. I have just had a call from Ben to say that all the POTs in Tresham are built and tested but that there is a section that needs connecting on the A46 before the village will be Ready For Service.

    He will write in the next day or two to answer the questions above in more detail.

  2. Hi Richard, we understand that Tresham’s fibre will not be operational until we are connected to Kingscote and that will not happen until the end of the year? Please can you confirm with Ben Stone whether this is true. Many thanks, Jim

  3. Hi Jim, I would be interested to know where that information came from.
    I am expecting to receive a written reply from Ben to my questions above very soon but he has assured me verbally that Gigaclear have applied for roadworks on the A46 near Saddlewood when they expect to complete the connection. Hopefully, later in February. After that work they will issue the Ready for Service notice and we will all be free to apply for a service – provided you have registered on Gigaclear’s website. That should then take two or three weeks. Once a property is connected, that’s it.
    Our service is coming from Kilcott. The confusion with Kingscote may arise because Voneus were talking about trying to connect their service to a fibre connection in Kingscote.