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The Future of Energy

Posted on 5th July 2019, by Editor . 1 Comment

Confused about where the ‘energy’ debate is going and how it affects you?  In this article, David Bradbury offers explanations and suggestions. Introduction This article is a guide to energy in the home for village-dwellers.  It is written more from a technical standpoint rather than a commercial one.  It is slanted towards existing homes to […]

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Sir Thomas Tresham

Posted on 18th November 2015, by Editor . 11 comments

Last Sunday, 15 Nov, a programme was shown on the evolution of the British garden.  It starts with the garden created by Sir Thomas Tresham at Lyveden New Bield – you can watch it on iPlayer. Sir Thomas Tresham was brought to my attention by a volunteer who works for the National Trust at Lyveden.  He had found […]

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