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Tresham Support Network 2

Posted on March 23rd, by Editor in Community. 2 comments

We use E-notes to inform villagers when a new post or event is put on the  website.

A week ago a WhatsApp group, Tresham Support Network, was set up to enable villagers to communicate directly with each other at this difficult time.  So far 30 people have joined representing some 20 households, i.e. 43% of the village.

If you have a smartphone you can join the Tresham Support Network which connects villagers who wish to provide or receive support.  In case of difficulty please contact Simon Lee on 07770 370882.

2 thoughts on “Tresham Support Network 2

  1. I hope you realise that not everyone in the village can get a phone signal !

  2. Yes, we know some villagers have poor mobile phone reception on the East side of the village. This is one reason why we said to phone Simon in case of difficulty.

    If you can’t get a signal but you do have WiFi then you should be able to use WhatsApp over your WiFi.