Welcome to Tresham Village, Gloucestershire, UK
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E-notes are how we notify you of something happening in the village; an E-note is triggered automatically when a post or event is published.  For organisers, it’s quicker than walking round the village putting notices through doors!  And for both organisers and villagers it enables an immediate response via the website, e.g. to give feedback on an issue or to register for a village event.

There are 47 households in Tresham and apart from a handful who do not have access to the internet most are subscribers.  We rely on neighbours updating those who don’t have access.  We have 58 subscribers of whom we think five live outside the village.

We use a system called Mailchimp to manage subscribers and issue E-notes (emails) to them.  As with all ‘bulk’ emails or those not recognised by your mail system, they can be rejected as ‘spam’.  If you find they are going to spam mark the sender as ‘non-junk’.  Occasionally, we follow up with subscribers if they never seem to open the emails.

E-notes are less formal and less onerous than a newsletter which we would struggle to fill on a regular basis – unless anyone out there is volunteering!  But if you have a story or information you want to share write to Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address.