Welcome to Tresham Village, Gloucestershire, UK
We're not as sleepy as we look, and this website seeks to reflect all that's happening in and around our village. If you would like to see an organisation or a topic featured, do get in touch.


We hope villagers will subscribe to receive E-notes.  E-note is how we notify you of something happening in the village.  For organisers, it’s quicker than walking round the village putting notices through doors!  And for both organisers and villagers it enables an immediate response via the website, e.g. to register for a village event or to give feedback on an issue.

So, we use E-note to tell you about an event and you register with the website to make your booking.  In due course it may be possible to buy tickets through the website.

We are assuming that most households have access to the internet so it is important to know which do not.  We will identify these and ensure they hear about what is going on in some other way.  Perhaps neighbours could update them?

E-note is less formal and less onerous than a newsletter which we would struggle to fill on a regular basis – unless anyone out there is volunteering!  But if you have a story or information you want to share write to Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address.