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Genealogy Enquiry

Posted on February 16th, by Editor in Have You Heard?. 2 comments

This lady has written as follows regarding researches she is conducting.  I am posting it in case anyone can help her.

“I have been doing genealogy on both sides my family tree and I have come to learn through ancestry.com and DNA testing that I am the granddaughter of Willem 13th Baron Morley Parker Lord and Elizabeth tresham Parker I would like to have the opportunity to speak with someone that may be family or someone that would know what has happened to family photographs of William and Elizabeth and other family members I am doing genealogy family history and I’m trying to collect family photographs and other information I would deeply appreciate if somebody could kindly get a hold of me you can email me at stephaniepowell4748@gmail.com or you can call me at 704-977-3033 I live in the United States of America are area code to call out of the country is number one

I appreciate your time and efforts on reading my letter I do have proof of what I am talking about and I’ll be more than happy to share with you have a great day

2 thoughts on “Genealogy Enquiry

  1. If anyone in the village knows anything about this family, I’d be interested too if it relates to the village. There is a Wikipedia entry about Thomas Tresham, a wealthy and still renowned house builder (he paid, not actually built it himself) in Nottinghamshire who was involved in the political and religious complications of the (first Queen Elizabeth) times. He was father of the Elizabeth mentioned in this request. One of her brothers was involved in some alleged way with the gunpowder plot, but they had not lived in our Tresham. Their ancestors may well have come from here, as it is thought the Tresham family was from Gloucestershire, and this seems to be the only one in England.
    I will let her know this, but I suspect she has already discovered it.

  2. I have had to close the Comment facility on this post because I got a lot of spam.

    I wrote back to Stephanie at the above email address but it was rejected:

    “Thank you for your email, Stephanie. I have lived here for 45 years and I’m afraid none of the names you mention are familiar.

    I think the best I can do is post your message on the Tresham website inviting anyone who has information to get in youch with you.

    Kind regards

    I assume it is a genuine enquiry in which case anyone can still write to me at ‘editor’ via the ‘get in touch’ button at the top of the Home page.