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Fireworks Night 2

Posted on November 1st, by Editor in Community, Have You Heard?. 3 comments

Due to the national restrictions taking effect from Thursday, 5 November we cannot go ahead with Fireworks Night.  We think the best option is to review the position in the light of government advice towards the end of ‘lockdown’, hopefully with a view to holding Fireworks Night soon after.

To that end, we can hold the money already donated but if you would rather it were returned, please let us know.

In the meantime, please do not put any more bonfire material on the common.

The Simons

3 thoughts on “Fireworks Night 2

  1. There has been an idea floated around about having a “Wassail” evening in place of the Church Carol service, which sadly won’t be happening this year. Maybe the Wassail could be combined with the now-delayed fireworks night.

    For anyone unfamiliar with Wassail, it is a long-standing Gloucestershire mid-winter tradition, dating back centuries. It stems from the old English “Wes Hal”, a drinking toast that means “Be thou whole”. The Wassail ceremony was designed to ward off evil spirits in the orchards to ensure a good future harvest and Tresham was a centre of Wassail celebrations in the orchards from Well Hill to the West of the village (as mentioned in the writings in AS Hartrick’s book about the village). All you need for Wassail is a bonfire, a community get-together and plenty of booze and food (probably that would need to be self-provided in family groups under the circumstances), The rest is optional.

    There is a traditional Wassail song, which with just a few minutes of coaching can be picked up by everyone (hopefully accompanied by Tresham’s guitar players and other musicians). The sing-song doesn’t need to be more than a very small part of the evening.

    Just a thought

    David Bradbury

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