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Thank You

Posted on June 29th, by Editor in Community. 1 Comment

You may remember it was suggested that when life normalises we might have a ‘thank you’ section where villagers can flag up those shops, organisations or people (who have consented to be named or are just thanked anonymously) who, with or without volunteers, have been going so far out of their way to bring us food week after week.

We neither know what will be ‘normal’ nor when it will resume but that need not stop us from starting to build a list.

If you would like to put forward a recommendation then add details in a Comment.  Once we have collected details a page can be created to which we can draw the attention of all those folk we want to thank.

One thought on “Thank You

  1. Good Food On The Edge with Chris and his team of volunteers have just been fantastic. We had to shield so became totally reliant on others supporting us for food and other necessities. It took quite a while to sort a regular supermarket slot despite being on the Government list, and Good Food and our fabulous neighbours in Burden Court got us through what could have been a very tough period. We still use Good Food every week especially for their fish which is just excellent. There are a team of volunteers from WUE supporting Chris at Good Food to deliver the food and they are also due a huge thankyou.
    Our neighbours in Burden Court have been just so supportive and others in the village have collected medicine and a few groceries on more than one occasion. I’m not sure how we’d have coped without all the great support from the village and WUE. It really is appreciated.

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