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Improving Communication 2

Posted on June 18th, by Editor in Community. No Comments

Further to Simon’s previous post, Improving Communication of 18 May, the website has undergone some changes made by Broadbean Digital. We hope you like them.

  • Commercial features, which were introduced to enable us to sell event tickets, have been pushed into the background because they were giving the wrong feel to the website.
  • The Categories of Posts under Have You Heard? have been rationalised.  Clicking a Category brings up all the related Posts.
  • A new Search facility has been added in the menu bar as an alternative way to find information anywhere on the site.
  • The homepage layout has been revised to show Have you Heard? and What’s On horizontally. The former includes six items instead of five and the latter can expand from none to two events as circumstances require.
  • A new ‘Find us on Facebook‘ widget in the footer has been added providing a prominent link to @treshamlife.
  • Below that, a Fundraising link has been introduced at the very foot of the page to discreetly facilitate donations.
  • People have asked if new Comments can be included along with new Posts and Events in the E-note system.  This is not possible and might not be desirable because it could overload villagers with E-notes.
    However, you can now ask to be notified of Comments on a particular Post, on a Post by Post basis. There is a new check-box underneath the Comment box (see below), saying: “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.”
    For example, when you post a Comment you might want to see if anyone replies (without having to keep checking back on the website), in which case you tick the check-box; or, even if you haven’t added a Comment yourself, you might want to ‘subscribe’ to all Comments on that Post.  Either way, you will get an email telling you when a new Comment has been added.
    This feature is a bit experimental so send a Comment on this Post if you have feedback or write to Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address.

We considered offering villagers the ability to have an email address @tresham.org.uk.  Unfortunately, this is likely to prove too expensive and requires a fair bit of administration so we won’t be pursuing it.

It was also suggested that we might have a ‘thank you’ section where villagers can  flag up those shops, organisations or people (who have consented to be named or are just thanked anonymously) who, with or without volunteers, have been going so far out of their way to bring us food week after week.  This is probably best handled initially by means of a post to which villagers can add Comments flagging up those we want to thank – it’s on the Editor’s to-do-list!  Once we have collected details a page can be created to which we can draw the attention of all those folk we want to thank.

And we had a suggestion of including more, helpful links and up to date advice and information.  We already have a Local Services section under What’s Around.  We would be happy to include more links if people would like to suggest them.

An interesting and vibrant website needs a good supply of content.  If you would like to help provide content under one or more of the headings listed at the end of Improving Communication, please contact Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address.

Finally, please remember we are always happy to receive feedback, good or not-so-good!

Simon and Richard

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