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Improving Communication

Posted on May 18th, by Editor in Community. 1 Comment

We’ve seen the success of the Tresham Support Group via WhatsApp and long may this continue, hopefully well beyond the current situation.  On the back of this community initiative we have secured a small grant via the Parish Council and District Councils to support community adhesion.

Whilst the WhatsApp group has been a success especially for short term, spontaneous messaging, the most effective communication tool within the village remains the web site.  After some consultation it was decided to invest the grant in a website upgrade.  This will be specifically to help further improve communication, make it easier for villagers to contribute and also to integrate the Tresham Life Facebook page, which should be getting more prolific soon.

The Tresham village website is already a great asset with lots of interesting material, but it can be improved, made more informative and therefore more useful to us.  The purpose of this message is to invite specific ideas for improvement and also to request help in certain areas.  The driving force behind the website is Richard Goodenough and whilst he is happy to continue compiling it, the more villagers contributing words and pictures, the more comprehensive the website will become.

One thing we all have in common is our appreciation of the village and its surroundings.  There is so much around us which is not yet reflected on the web site.  Would anyone take on the responsibility of keeping certain sections of the web site material updated?  For example:

  • Events
  • Accommodation
  • Local Attractions (Slimbridge, Highgrove…..)
  • Eating Out (Currently, there’s no mention of The Fleece in Hillesley or Calcot Manor…..  It would also be great to have a few reviews included)
  • Neighbourhood & Rural Watch (maybe this should just be Rural Watch??)
  • Walks Around Tresham
  • Local shopping places (Hawkesbury Farm Shop, Wotton Farm Shop, Leaf & Ground etc)

Please post your ideas as a ‘comment’ to this message or send an email to Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address (Richard).

Simon Lee

One thought on “Improving Communication

  1. Thank you, Simon. This is such a god idea. We are very fortunate to have Richard doing the website to help us all in every way. It grows all the time, and is certainly even further enriched, as everything is, by having more people contributing their own interests and comments, which he has always encouraged. But websites do need work done to them to simplify their management when they start to grow beyond a certain point. This is a very good proposal, and and I am sure that people will have many positive things to describe or commend or recommend in the area. Right now, an important thing for me is to be able, when Iife normalises, to flag up those people or shops who, with or without volunteers, have been going so far out of their way to bring us food week after week, some employees giving up their free time to do so, I have just discovered. I can thank them privately, tell the boss, recommend a shop on its own website, but to have a ‘thank you section on ours where people can flag up shops or organisations or people (who have consented to be named or are just thanked anonymously) would be a nice gesture.