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Fibre is Coming UPDATE

Posted on June 5th, by Editor in Roads and Utilities. 2 comments

Note the project dates have been amended.

Ben Stone, Community Engagement Manager (Fastershire), of Gigaclear writes today:

  • The work will not be starting on 8th June. I previously updated you that we were looking at 20/7 – this has however moved forward and the closure is now in for 6th July. I understand the closure will be in for 4 weeks, but the work is likely to be completed in around 3.
  • In terms of letter drops – we send letters to entire community prior to the build starting, but this doesn’t necessarily corelate with individual sections of the build. Ie – residents would have received this when we started work on the wider community of Upper Kilcott which would have been some time ago. Complete Utilities will letter drop residents to explain about this closure and give some details on access.
  • This work would be to install the connection POTs
  • In terms of the location of the POT – each community has gone through a high level design and verification and obviously POTs have to be located to fit in with the wider network. We can sometimes do small POT moves, but it isn’t a process where we can have individual discussions with residents. Worth noting though, that 95% of all installations are free of charge because they are classed as a standard installation.
  • So based on a start of approx. 6 July, we would anticipate by the end of that road closure period we wouldn’t be far off having connection POTs RFS (Ready for Service). It is dependent on another section of build being completed, but this is also in hand and progressing well. Once POTs are live, residents will be able to order a service. Please ask residents to register on our website at www.gigaclear.com because they will then be notified as soon as their POT is RFS.

If you have concerns about the location of your POT, please write a Comment.

2 thoughts on “Fibre is Coming UPDATE

  1. We signed a new contract in April for 12 months. When the pot is installed do we still need it to go live even if we won’t use it for the next 10 months. If we do have to go live will we have to pay a fee for not using it. If we don’t have to go live how do we connect when our existing contract finishes. Thank you for your help.

  2. There is no requirement to have your POT connected to your house. If and when you want the internet via fibre you choose an Internet Provider who arranges the connection; only then do you start incurring costs.

    I’m sure more will be published about this over the next couple of months.


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