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Wildlife Round Tresham

Posted on May 19th, by Editor in Nature. 3 comments

Some of us are finding we have more spare time than usual at home.  This grass snake caught us by surprise in our pond at Talbot Court Farm a couple of days ago.  Today, we found him basking on the stone paving next to the pond but he didn’t want his photo taken and slithered off.

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Back at the end of March we had a rare glimpse of a badger in our garden.  I thought they weren’t around in the daytime so let’s hope he wasn’t ill.

Sally took this cobweb early this morning (20.05.20) when Simon and she were out for a walk.

More from our pond: a blue darter dragonfly and damsel flies.

Sid sent in these photos from his garden: a slow worm, a female sparrowhawk taken though the window, and songthrush chicks in their nest.  Brilliant!

We have started feeding the hedgehogs.  We heard this one snuffling behind a seat in the garden earlier in the day.

There are three swallow chicks in this nest and there might be a fourth but it is difficult to capture (the shot).  Both parents are feeding the young but which is the male and female?

Perhaps you have been able to take photographs of wildlife in and around Tresham.   Please switch on JavaScript to see our email address.

3 thoughts on “Wildlife Round Tresham

  1. Badger -brilliant! Snake lovely pic but not so brilliant. happy to say I’ve only seen two in CR

  2. Last week we saw a small frog about 4cm nose to tail and also a slow worm, too fast for me to take a photo!