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Ideas Welcome for VE Day 75th anniversary

Posted on May 2nd, by Editor in Social Gatherings. 2 comments

Dear Tresham residents

The musicians in the village have been trying to dream up ways of marking VE Day 75th anniversary, next Friday May 8th.  Unfortunately in the present circumstances it is very difficult to devise any musical event that is safe and legal.

As a backstop one thing which seems beyond reproach on grounds of safety or legality is for me to play the piano in my garden.  What I am proposing is to play a selection of WW2-era music (Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn etc) with the hope that (with the aid of a little amplification) the sound would carry across the village to enhance any celebrations people are having in their own homes.  It would be for about one hour with breaks (to refill my glass) and finish at 8pm leading in to the national television event, which includes the Queen’s speech and community singing of “We’ll meet again”

If anyone has any comments or concerns, please let me know.  Any requests for particular songs from the era for me to play would be welcome.

Best wishes

David Bradbury

2 thoughts on “Ideas Welcome for VE Day 75th anniversary

  1. Thank you David. I am making my bunting and will be singing from my garden Nice to be living in a village like Tresham

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