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Facebook Presence

Posted on October 27th, by Editor in Village. 2 comments

I am not a Facebook user myself but Charlotte Macey has taken the initiative to set up and run a ‘Tresham Life’ page.  As she says: “It is basically an extension of the Tresham website, which it also links to. Thought it might be an accessible avenue for anyone from Tresham who is on Facebook to stay abreast of events (similarly to the website), and e.g. if someone has a glut of apples or needs something that another villager may be able to help with, they can post on the Tresham Life page – thought it might be a good way to build further community spirit!”

Our thanks to Charlotte; let us know how you get on.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Presence

  1. What a good idea to have a Facebook page to communicate with other villager Thank you Charlotte .

  2. Thank you Charlotte, such a good idea. Hopefully this will benefit a lot of villagers.