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Tresham Cider

Posted on September 20th, by Editor in Village. 3 comments

My attempt at cider making last year was moderately successful.  It didn’t taste too bad and I’ve just about drunk it all!  So based on that experience I thought about scaling up production this year.  If you have surplus apples in your garden I’d be happy to pick them up (or you could drop them round to Old Plough House) and deliver back a quantity of cider to you in time for Christmas.  I particularly need more eating apples!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Simon Lee

01666 890230

3 thoughts on “Tresham Cider

  1. Hi Simon,

    I would try calling on Jo & Trevor at Burden Court. I’m not sure they will see this notice, but they do have apple trees and I know they don’t want all the apples. I’ll mention it to them when I see them too.

    I’ll have their cider though!

  2. Yes 4 Burdon Court has hundreds of apples weighing down the tree. I’m sure they won’t mind. My kids and I would be happy to help pick them…

  3. Simon, we have loads of apples you are welcome to take some before they go off

    Jo and Trevor, Burden Court