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Cleaning up the Neighbourhood

Posted on February 20th, by Editor in Village. 3 comments

Cleaning up the Neighbourhood

I expect we all think, as we walk or drive out of the village: “I must pick up some of this rubbish sometime” – and somehow we don’t get round to it.

Well, Sue and Charlotte Macey have!  Thanks from all of us and perhaps we can finish the job with a Spring Clean of the rest of the lane and village, as in previous years.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning up the Neighbourhood

  1. I often clear the rubbish along the furlongs when I’m out walking. this is mainly recyclables which get blown out of the collection bin!

  2. Well done Sue & Charlotte! Yes, I’ve been feeling guilty that we haven’t done a spring clean for a couple of years. I’d be up for that.

  3. Brilliant, Sue and Charlotte! I have been meaning to, but not quite so actively…look forward to joining the spring cleanup….