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Thank you from GARAS

Posted on January 13th, by Editor in Church. Comments Off on Thank you from GARAS

Dear All at Tresham Church,

Thank you so much for your donation of £94 towards the work of GARAS, collected at the Christmas Carol Service.

As the situation in Afghanistan has unfolded in recent months, GARAS has been overwhelmed with the level of support from the general public across Gloucestershire.  We have received so many kind offers of help and donations, for which we are humbly grateful.

As you may know, GARAS is funded by the Home Office to run the Afghan Resettlement Scheme, welcoming 35 families to Gloucestershire in the near future.  This scheme provides all the basic needs for each family, such as furniture, kitchen equipment and other essentials.  However, donations such as yours are so incredibly helpful, both before and as each family arrives.  Your donation may turn into a pack of nappies for a baby, a winter coat for a teenager whose family had to flee with just 1 suitcase, or some crockery.  It may become some bedsheets, a large bag of rice, or help to fund our staff as they support the families, and others like them.

Once again, thank you so much for your generosity.

Yours gratefully

Adele Owen