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Church Now Open for Private Use

Posted on June 12th, by Editor in Church. No Comments

At last – the church can now be open for private use. This will be on Mondays, starting this week (June 15th), from 10 am to 5 pm.

It is hoped that anyone who would like to go there for some private contemplation or prayer will feel able to do so. The building has its own charm and tranquillity, and is for everyone, regardless of their personal philosophy or faith.

Alderley church is also opening in the same way and at the same times, but on Fridays each week. You are of course welcome in either or both of these churches in our parish.

Please read the notice as you enter, which is mainly just common sense with respect to social distancing (in all directions). By opening one day a week we have a consistent day to know about, avoid any weekend crowding, and ensure there is no possibility of infection from one open day to another.

Any feedback about this would be welcomed.

Best wishes

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