Welcome to Tresham Village, Gloucestershire, UK
We're not as sleepy as we look, and this website seeks to reflect all that's happening in and around our village. If you would like to see an organisation or a topic featured, do get in touch.


The simplest way to make a donation is via our page, Tresham Village Hall, on MyDonate.  This is a fundraising page similar to those on JustGiving but subsidised by BT and therefore much cheaper for us.  Thank you for your support.

Origins of the Tresham Village Hall fund

On 7 March 1955 Squire Hale conveyed the land and remains of the village hall (which had been destroyed by fire the previous year) to five Tresham residents who became the Trustees of Tresham Village Hall.  They rebuilt the hall and ran it as a community building until in 1979 it was sold.  Since then the proceeds have been administered under trust in accordance with the deed which allowed for the purchase or improvement of other premises or to be applied for other charitable purposes for the benefit of the inhabitants of Tresham.

Over the years, the fund has paid for improvements such as Well Hill steps and garden, and helped with large repairs to the church, our last remaining community building.  It had been ready to meet the cost of other projects such as the kerbing of Well Hill and the recent strengthening of the verge for parking, but for the Parish Council stepping in.

The fund bears the cost of hosting the village website and supports an annual lunch for Seniors, as well as other community events from time to time.  These activities are funded from investment income and donations.

Although a charity for many years, we recently gained recognition by HMRC that, for tax purposes, Tresham Village Hall is a charitable Trust.  This now enables us to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations.