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We're not as sleepy as we look, and this website seeks to reflect all that's happening in and around our village. If you would like to see an organisation or a topic featured, do get in touch.


Fireworks Update

Posted on 4th November 2018, by Editor . Comments Off on Fireworks Update

Despite the weather the fireworks will be going ahead.  The rain is supposed to clear away so with a slightly later time of 6.30pm for lighting the bonfire, hopefully, we should have a good evening. Simon

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Facebook Presence

Posted on 27th October 2018, by Editor . 2 comments

I am not a Facebook user myself but Charlotte Macey has taken the initiative to set up and run a ‘Tresham Life’ page.  As she says: “It is basically an extension of the Tresham website, which it also links to. Thought it might be an accessible avenue for anyone from Tresham who is on Facebook […]

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Tresham Cider

Posted on 20th September 2018, by Editor . 3 comments

My attempt at cider making last year was moderately successful.  It didn’t taste too bad and I’ve just about drunk it all!  So based on that experience I thought about scaling up production this year.  If you have surplus apples in your garden I’d be happy to pick them up (or you could drop them […]

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Posted on 2nd August 2018, by Editor . 2 comments

Eileen Hacker writes: In the 32 years that I have lived here, I have never seen a squirrel ,has anyone else ? I have seen them about half way up the lane between Tresham and Alderley, can anyone explain ?

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Posted on 23rd July 2018, by Editor . 8 comments

Anne Weaver writes: Can anyone advise regarding the vast amount of flies that seem to be invading my cottage. I have tried lemons and cloves, basil, mint, lavender etc to discourage them but they are everywhere! Off to buy an electronic zapper later as I have broken my normal swatter with over use. It’s carnage […]

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Posted on 22nd May 2018, by Editor . Comments Off on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

“The GDPR is a European Union (EU) privacy law that will affect businesses around the world when it becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018. It regulates how any organization that is subject to the Regulation treats or uses the personal data of people located in the EU . Personal data is any piece of data […]

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Potential Gravel Scam

Posted on 10th May 2018, by Editor . 3 comments

Please be aware of this possible threat reported by Sue Whitfield: “This morning a man (who seemed like a normal goods driver, in a uniform top) came to the door to offer me some gravel “not needed for a job and his boss has asked him to get rid of it. I said no thanks, […]

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Burglary Warning

Posted on 26th April 2018, by Editor . Comments Off on Burglary Warning

Our attention has been drawn to this police warning.

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Tresham Social

Posted on 4th April 2018, by Editor . 1 Comment

Let’s get some more social activities on the calendar! The photo above was taken at the recent lunch for ‘Tresham seniors’ held in February. It was by all accounts, a great success. After hearing about this from Alma Larrieu, I was motivated to gather a few neighbours together to talk about other potential social activities […]

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Cleaning up the Neighbourhood

Posted on 20th February 2018, by Editor . 3 comments

I expect we all think, as we walk or drive out of the village: “I must pick up some of this rubbish sometime” – and somehow we don’t get round to it. Well, Sue and Charlotte Macey have!  Thanks from all of us and perhaps we can finish the job with a Spring Clean of […]

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