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Fibre Optic Network 4

Posted on 3rd October 2019, by Editor . Comments Off on Fibre Optic Network 4

Ben Stone, our new Gigaclear Community Engagement Manager (Fastershire), has advised that Gigaclear anticipate their contractors will begin work in October.  ‘Dig’ letters will be received by residents soon.  The letters don’t include specific details on when the build will start etc., but do say Gigaclear are coming soon and explain where to direct queries […]

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Posted on 17th September 2019, by Editor . 2 comments

This post concerns the 21 households who use Voneus (who bought out Cotswold Wireless) to provide a wireless connection to the internet. The system has been operating intermittently over the last few days and has been dropping out occasionally for some time.  Apparently, it looks like there is a faulty cable that keeps disconnecting the […]

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Fibre Optic Network 3

Posted on 24th August 2019, by Editor . 2 comments

Steve Harris of Gigaclear gave a presentation to 12 villagers on Thursday evening. The scheme for our area (Upper Kilcott (South West)) has been designed and validated but is currently on hold whilst being re-evaluated.  Once over that the ‘build length’ can take up to nine months.  Two ‘green’ cabinets are planned, one at Burden […]

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Meeting Reminder

Posted on 20th August 2019, by Editor . Comments Off on Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder about the meeting on Thursday evening. Stephen Harris, Gigaclear’s Community Engagement Manager, will give a PowerPoint presentation and then answer any questions people may have.

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Painting by A S Hartrick for Sale

Posted on 16th July 2019, by Editor . 2 comments

This gentleman has written to me (see his letter below) in case any Tresham resident is interested in purchasing a painting by A S Hartrick (who painted the reredos in the church) which he is putting up for auction in Cirencester (I am not sure which auction house but will post this information as a […]

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Phone Box Refurbishment

Posted on 15th July 2019, by Editor . 2 comments

A small working party is needed to clear the area round the phone box and set about its refurbishment.  Any help which can be given this Thursday evening would be very much appreciated. Richard O’Dwyer-Graham

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Fibre Optic Network 2

Posted on 4th June 2019, by Editor . 6 comments

Steve Harris of Gigaclear has replied to my queries: The dig letter is normally sent a couple of weeks before contractors move into a community area.  As I explained the other night, this could be anywhere within the area so its probably best to organise a village meeting ahead of time.  If you want to […]

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Fibre Optic Network

Posted on 31st May 2019, by Editor . 3 comments

Several of us from Tresham attended a meeting at Hillesley yesterday evening where Mark of Fastershire (a partnership organisation of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire) and Steve Harris of Gigaclear (the fibre optic network installer) brought us up to date with the rollout. It is important to realise that this new fibre optic infrastructure will provide an […]

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Fireworks Update

Posted on 4th November 2018, by Editor . Comments Off on Fireworks Update

Despite the weather the fireworks will be going ahead.  The rain is supposed to clear away so with a slightly later time of 6.30pm for lighting the bonfire, hopefully, we should have a good evening. Simon

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Facebook Presence

Posted on 27th October 2018, by Editor . 2 comments

I am not a Facebook user myself but Charlotte Macey has taken the initiative to set up and run a ‘Tresham Life’ page.  As she says: “It is basically an extension of the Tresham website, which it also links to. Thought it might be an accessible avenue for anyone from Tresham who is on Facebook […]

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